By Courtney Holmes

Winery Web Design

First impressions count and wine products are no exception. For many wineries that first impression comes in the form of the website (or the wine label on the store shelf). So you want to exude the right impression of your brand to the right audience.

Our process ensures that your vision of your wine brand is conveyed in the design of your website. This process demands that we listen attentively to our client’s thoughts and vision. We communicate thoroughly throughout the whole design process and confirm at each step that we are meeting your expectations and ideas for the winery’s website design.


Week 1: We meet this first week to discuss your brand’s mission, business objectives, and desired look and feel of your websites “look and feel.” We’ll work out the sitemap for a roughly laid out sit.

Week 2: Our first mockups are shared with the client, feedback is given and a direction is chosen by the client.

Week 3: A revised version of the homepage and subpages designs are shared with client. Feedback and questions are discussed.

Week 4: Revisions have been completed and are shared with the client. Any further changes or recommendations are made during this meeting.

Week 5 – 6: Final drafts have been approved by the client and the site is in the programming stage (website is being coded for the web). Demo site is tested for cross browser compatibility and functionality.

Week 7: Demo Site is presented to client and feedback is given on any changes or questions on the functionality of the website.

Week 8: Final programming revisions are made and winery website is launched.