We know that the success of our agency relies completely on the qaulity of our team. We are always on the lookout for talented people. We are looking for the following characteristics in future team members:

Analytical: They make quick decisions based on logic and reason.

Balanced: They maintain a strong work-life balance.

Confident: They put in the extra time and energy needed to gain knowledge and experiece, which translates into confidence and composure.

Creative: They bring innovative approaches and thinking to projects.

Detail-Oriented: They are incredibly organized and thorough in all communications and activities.

Focused: They avoid multitasking in favor of concentrated effort.

Intrinsically motivated: As defined in Daniel Pink’s classic book, Drive, intrinsically motivated people seek: autonomy, the desire to direct their own lives; mastery:, the urge to get better and better at somthing that matters; and purpose, the yearning to contribute to something greater than themselves.

The “it” factor:  They maintain a strong presence and postive aura. They are born leaders.

Listener: They excel at listening and understanding the needs of others.

Positive: They bring a positive energy to the agency that is uplifting and encouraging to the entire team.

Relationship-builder:  The know that strong relationships are the key to sucess in business, and proactively build connections with peers, clients, media, partners and venders.

Risk-takers: They take calculated risks. They do not let fear of failure hold them back.

Social web savvy:  They monitor and participate in forums and social networks relevant to their interests and the industry.

Strategic: They are capable of fully assessing situations, considering short- and long-term outcomes.

Team Player: They function extremely well within a team environment, but they also excel when working independantly.

Tech-savvy: They stay immersed in technology news and trends.

Writer: They possess exceptional writing skills and the capability to clearly and concisely articulate their thoughts.