Best White Wine Label Designs on Pinterest

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Wine Label Designer

By Courtney Holmes

I couldn’t possibly make a blog post about the best white wine labels ever – it would be impossible to do an inventory of all white wine label designs. Pinterest, however, is fantastic for inspiration for wine label design as well as inspiration on what to pair with wine and how to repurpose your wine bottles for a craft project!




Best White Wine Pinterest

This designer did a good job of making this white wine look expensive – not with golds, silver foil embellishments or special paper textures. It has this strong steel look that I find very powerful. It doesn’t need embleshments, it simply is what it is.

I have this theory about branding. People buy products not because they understand the winery but because they feel that the winery gets them. I was thumbing through Wine Spectator one day and saw the best slogan ever for a wine – “It’s what you bring to the table”. I love that because that is so true! We want wine that expresses who we are. We bring it to a party or recommended it at a restaurant. It helps us share what we stand for.

The wine packaging is not about you. It is about your consumers and how you can communicate to them that you share something in common. This wine looks powerful. This label would connect with someone who feels empowered – or wants to feel empowered.



Le Poisson

Best Pinterest WhitesTypically, red wines use gold foil and white wines do better with silver foil embossing to create a look of luxury.  Good designers do this because the label is suppose to represent the taste of the wine. The shiny look of the silver foil, with the gold only in matte, emphasizes the crisp citrus character of the wine.  

They are using the critter cliche, but they have avoided the furry cute creature that everyone else is putting on their labels.

I love it because it conveys class and confidence as well as looking delicious just by its pure presentation.

Love the food pairing notes on front label “eat fish” .





Creative Wine Labels

Francis Ford Coppola

When I first saw this wine at my local Italian deli my jaw dropped. I thought this was one of the most beautiful and delicate wine label designs I have ever run across. You have to understand this paper label design is impossible for most printers . . . and probably  a nightmare applying to the bottle.

But because of the fact that no other wine labels have produced a similar effect – the label is a shelf popper. It will definately stand out on the shelves in a setting like Total Wine and other retailers with thousands of wine labels all fighting for the attention of the shopper.






Land Lust

Wine Label DesignI can see a consumer picking up this wine for a whimsical day of picnicking at the park. It has a very simplistic non-pretentious look to the label that I think many urban, X generation and millennials would appreciate and identify with. You can see that the bottle to the left is meant for a red wine, while the wine to the right is clearly for white wine. It takes forethought and a clever designer to know how to make one label that can be modified for each wine type. Each label has to be modified for the bottle and flavor of the wine. By the impression of the packaging, the Spatburgunder, or as we call it in the States, Pinot Noir, should be a medium body wine.  Whereas the Graurer, aka pinot gris, tells the buyer that the wine is high acidity (crisp) and less sweet.

Notice that it is not the color green that makes this wine look clean and crisp, it is the tone of the color green. With just slightly more saturation in the green, the wine wouldn’t look nearly as crisp and refreshing. I would even add that the fonts used give a “light” feeling because the lines are small and not overpowering.

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