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wine club design

By Courtney Holmes

Many winery websites fall short of designing a membership benefits webpage that is clear and easy to read for the user. Typically, the webpage is designed in paragraph form with out many headers or bullets that would make it easy to scan and read. Outside of the wine industry, though, you often see membership options displayed in a table so that the user can easily scan the benefits of each level.

We love Bonny Doon. My husband and I drank it on our first date way back in 2004 before we were even real wine drinkers. We were college students just graduating. I think he was trying to impress me by buying us wine that didn’t come from a box. We fell in love . . . with the wine that day. Our love for each other came a few months later :)

wine club member benefits


Bonny Doon has 3000+ wine club members. Their membership levels deliver great value. The problem is that, looking over their wine club member benefit page, it is really hard to see that value. 

The content is in paragraph form which doesn’t always have to be bad for the user, but the page doesn’t have a hierarchy of headers or bullet points. This format makes it very difficult for the user to make a comparison. This will also delay the confused viewer’s decision as they try to figure out how to compare one membership to another. The more you make the user have to think, the less likely they are to take action on becoming a member. 

Remember guys, the most important variable on the sucess of your winery is getting those membership numbers up. So why do so few wineries streamline the information on their wine clubs? 

We believe its an issue of convention. If its how it has been done, then its how it will continue to be done. Sometimes, you have to look outside the industry, however distinguished it may be.


We have put together an option for your winery. This design can go with any website design platform – whether it is Vin65, Nexternal, Active Club Solutions or eWinery Solutions. This is a hypothetical brand, Merino Vineyards. The wine club is the exact same wine club member benefit options as Bonny Doon’s, just displayed in a different fashion.

wine club design

Don’t your eyes and brain already feel better? We highly recommend this table format because it respects the web users and helps them make a quicker wine club decision before their attention spans run out. I’ll be lucky to have you even finish this blog post before you get distracted with Twitter, Facebook and email. And I didn’t even make you think . . . well hopefully I got you thinking just a little.