Motivation Strategies that Help Sell Your Wine Online

Motivation Strategies that Help Sell Your Wine Online’s Annual Report

The online wine business is growing, in particular, in the higher priced wines. According to’s 4th Annual Industry Growth Summit, “The average selling price per bottle at rang in at $30.70, while the national average is only $9.19. In addition, wines priced $15 and higher made up 87% of sales at, but accounted for only 13% in national sales according to Nielsen. “

This is great news, because it shows that the value point for wines is much higher for online wine consumers than offline. When  I read this, I thought , of course! People don’t buy average table wine online, they are looking for the hard to find wines that are at the higher price point that require research and won’t be purchased at the grocery store. This could just be a trend for because they are not offering the best rates for bulk table wine, but I suspect this is an overall trend on all wine e-commerce sites. That wine drinkers are going more and more to online sources to experiment with their palate, than going into a wine speciality store and relying on the sales staff to help them explore instead.

I see this happening in every consumer market. And you want to know why this sudden change? Because there is a lot of motivation on e-commerce sites now to convince you to buy.



This is a fantastic chart put together by BJ Fogg from Stanford University who runs the “Persuasive Technology Lab” his Fogg Method explains an important User Experience (UX) phenomenon. Basically, the easier you make it for someone to purchase your wine on your website, the more likely they will complete the sales process. But if the process is difficult and confusing, and their motivation low or spontaneous, they will surely “bounce” or leave your site. Think of it as a really long line at a store for an impulse purchase. How likely are you to decide the wait is not worth it? This is what I always tell our clients, website design is customer service for your website users. Poor usability is equivalent to poor customer service for your online visitor.

The chart above also shows that a person highly motivated to buy will continue with the online sales process no matter if they have certain features that make it not as easy to purchase. However, the amount of highly motivated users are much lower than the amount of low motivation users or “broswers.” A low motivation (impulse buy) user needs to have UX design that makes the process easier and provides more triggers to increase motivation.

Motivational Triggers for Impulse Online Wine Buyers

Fortunately there are some really great wine e-commerce tools and “generic” e-commerce platforms that now allow you to increase motivation for your online consumer to make the purchase.


Publishing in each product page your consumer reviews can be very motivating for online shoppers to see. Because the review is coming from an unbiased source (your consumers) and the review is an aggregate of reviews (not one critic) the reviews can be very persuasive if positive. The trick is to solicit the review a month or two after the purchase via a email, the only known tool I have found for this process is Shopify’s SEO Friendly Review System. Reviews have a tremendous effect on how we buy online today. If your site isn’t able to post reviews, at least provide a link to the product reviews on or a similar site.


Always allow a place on your product page layout to boost and link to any awards you have received for that particular wine .

Bottle Shots

There is something very powerful about images of bottle shots on wine e-commerce product pages. Wineries put so much effort into their packaging and label design to convey value of their wine on retail shelves. The same effect happens for online purchasers; they want to see what they are paying for, even if they cannot taste it. Belinda Weber, Duckhorn’s Director of Marketing Communications, recommends allotting 13% of your annual marketing budget to photography.  Remember wine is an experience driven industry, which means that photography plays a huge part in your marketing results. Invest in it.

Product Information

Ever notice how frustrating it is to be researching a purchase on or and the information you need is not listed on the product page? Don’t make that mistake. I would say that at the very least include a flavor profile of your wine in its description. But even better would be to include technical notes, winemaking and growing notes and a recipe to match the wine.

Make sure your designer sets up tabs for each type of product information, it is bad UX to have pages of content that is not easy to scan. Tabs are the best design feature for this user behavior.


Your Checklist for your Online Wine Buyer Motivation

Make sure your Winery Website Designer incorporates these motivation features into your wine product page design:

1. Reviews

2. Awards

3. Social Share Icons

4. Product Information  – Technical Notes, Winemaking Notes & Tasting Notes

5. Bottle Shot

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