Wine Label Design Crushes: Expensive Reds

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wine label design

By Courtney Holmes


wine label designIf I was in high school again and this premium wine label design represented an actual guy at school – I would be Facebook stalking this label like crazy!

I love the simplicity of it. It is the richness in the details that I am drawn to. It tempts the viewer to discover whether the wine itself reflects the design. does it have shape and richness in it’s simplicity?Does it embrace its own integrity?



expensive Red 6 small

I love dirty wines – you know the earthy, minerally tasting wines. This wine from Bodegas Tierras de Orgaz showcases a label that reflects the woodsy flavor of the wine. But I thought the texture looked almost dusty like dirt dust or ash that you find on delicious cheese rind. It even looks like cocoa powdered truffles. Yumm!



wine label

Wine Label design seems like such a simple art form. Basically a piece of paper with a wine brand’s name, varietal and vintage. But good lord, it can be such a creative task and communicate so much! I mean, just look at this label – two labels actually! You have the black matte ribbon with the black vine just peeking through with the glossy embossing. And then you have the very simply, unpretentious off white label that explains, in a minimalist expression, that it is a Malbec from Argentina. It is a haiku in the form of a wine label.



Wine Design

Here is another Malbec from Argentina, that I think has really hit the mark. It doesn’t adhere to any clichés – no vines, grapes or chateaus. The winemakers said they wanted to reference their local vine growing landscape that is known for fossil remains. Perhaps the vineyard managers were running across too many old bones in the vineyard? It tells a good story nonetheless.

See the rich texture of the paper – it’s delicate linen? The gold embossing of the brand name and the gold details around the fossil graphic convey to the buyer that their wine is made for quality. It tells the buyer that only the best grapes from the best blocks were used for this vintage. It tells them that the best barrels were used and only the best winemakers touched this wine. That is what a well designed premium wine packaging communicates.

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