Winery Video Production: The Essentials

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First, ask yourself why you want a video.

Do you want to:

Create awareness about your brand?

Engage with distribution sales staff?

Get people to buy more of your wine?


Wine Viral Video Marketing

Videos are a great marketing tool. As we have discussed before, they can serve your business in different ways. If you just want to get your name out there to increase sales on the grocery shelf you might want consider the production of a viral video. For example, take “The Sound of Wine” produced by the Tasca d’Almerita winery in Italy. They didn’t make the video about themselves necessarily, the made something that was worth sharing.

See how the video has a rising action, anticipation and an emotional, dramatic conclusion? Emotion is what keeps people listening, sharing and buying.

Wine Club Membership Video

Your wine club members need to be treated like kings and queens. They are your advocates and the bulk of your profits. Try to increase your bottomline by increasing your average wine club membership lifecycle. So if your average membership is is 1.8 years, make it a goal to increase that to 3 years. Increasing that average can have a significant effect on your bottomline.

According to Bennett Valley Group, your wine club members overwhelmingly (89%) prefer email as the source of communication with their winery (as opposed to social media or telephone). When sending out shipments to members, send them an email as well with a video of the winemaker providing tasting notes and commentary on the production of the wines shipped. This can simulate the experience they first had in your tastingroom and increase the enjoyment of drinking your latest vintage, thus, increasing the membership life cycle.

Sales Material for Wine Distributors

We all know distributers take a huge chunk of the profit. Not just because they take a cut of the profits, but the additional cost it takes to provide them with marketing materials, educate them and fly out the winemaker to meet with them and their clients. A well produced video of the winemaker on the latest release can be very powerful and cost efficient for the winery to enrich their relationship with the distributor.

Township 7 has put together some winemaker tasting note videos. OK, maybe the production quality could be better but they have the right idea with the content.

Wine Video Marketing

When makig a wine video make sure to tie it to an objective marketing goal. Make sure to set metrics for measuring its success. If the goal is to have your distributers sell more of your wine, track the video views as well as the increase per month in the vintages sold through particular distributors.

If the goal is brand awareness, track the amount of media placements or increase in sales on the store shelves. If you are a smaller winery and want use the videos as a wine membership perk, measure the average customer lifeclyce, video views and the amount of membership growth per month. To sum it up, hold your marketing objectives accountable. If you set measurable goals, the likelihood of success is much higher.

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